Zionists, panicked by Iran deal, destabilizing Mideast


My latest interviews with Press TV & Qods News Agency

Qods News Agency interview, published in English and in Persian

– Why has Saudi Arabia instead of helping the Palestinian people and solving regional problems, allied with Israel while also supporting terrorist groups in the region?

The Saudi and Zionist regimes depend on Western neo-colonial occupation of the Middle East for their existence. A genuinely independent Middle East would have no place for either one. So they have made common cause in order to resist the winds of change that are sweeping the region.

The roots of the current Saudi-Zionist alliance go back to the summer of 2006, when Hezbollah defeated Israel and won the support of most of the people of the Middle East. The Saudi and Israeli leadership both feared the rise of an Axis of Resistance that would eventually overthrow both regimes. So they joined forces to destabilize the region, largely through Saudi-funded sectarianism. The Saudis and Zionists, together with their allies in the neoconservative movement in the West, hijacked the Arab Spring, created ISIL, and unleashed the chaos that we are now witnessing.


– In the anniversary of last summer’s Gaza War , we see that despite the high toll of Palestinians, in the public opinion Israel is considered as defeated and Palestinians are deemed as victorious. What is your opinion about this reality?

In its Gaza incursions, Israel has shown its ability to kill Palestinians with impunity. But these are Pyrrhic victories. Once again last summer Israel was unable to achieve any military objectives, and its standing in the court of world public opinion continues to sink. By simply enduring and refusing to surrender, the Palestinians won a significant victory.


– What is the reason behind Israel’s latest attacks on Syria? Do you think that these attacks are related to supporting terrorist groups in Syria?

The Netanyahu regime is desperately seeking a way to undermine the Iran nuclear deal. So the Zionists are trying to increase tensions in Syria by getting more directly involved in the destabilization of that country. They want to escalate the fighting and exacerbate the crisis in order to portray Iran, which supports the Syrian government, as a threat to “the West.”



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Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, an author and Middle East expert in Madison, to discuss the latest Israeli air strikes on Syria.

Following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: What exactly is the Israeli game plan vis-à-vis Syria? It seems that it just cannot stop attacking it.

Barrett: That’s right. And I think there may be a political motive to this latest round of attacks from Israel. The Western media, which usually gives Israel a free pass in almost everything it does, was actually a bit skeptical about the latest Israeli announcements concerning these attacks on Syria. The Guardian…pointed out that there was confusion over who is to blame, and that apparently Israel could not keep its story straight about who it was targeting and who it was killing. (See: Israel hit by rockets fired from Syria amid confusion over who is to blame Israeli defence sources initially blame Palestinian Islamic Jihad, before switching to Iran’s Quds Force, then blaming Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad)

The Guardian story reports that Israeli defense sources initially blamed Islamic Jihad before switching to Iran’s Quds Force and then blaming the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad.

So essentially the Israelis just blew up a car presumably with the innocent people inside and then made up stories about how these various enemies were to blame, switching their story constantly. And… what this is really about is that Israel is seeking to inflame tensions with Iran above all as well as with the rest of the axis of resistance because Prime Minister Netanyahu and his neoconservative minions are so unhappy with the nuclear deal, which is really a deal for the West to accept the Islamic Republic of Iran as an equal and as a member of their version of the world community.

Netanyahu does not like this. He is trying to start tensions by attacking Syria, but this is going to backfire because all it does is it shows that Israel is on the same side as Islamic State or Daesh, ISIS, ISIL, whatever you want to call them. Israel and these extremist Takfiri militants who have been destabilizing Syria are on the same side. And the more that message gets out the worse it will be for the Israelis.

Press TV: As you said, this will backfire on Israel, how much worse are things about to get for the Israeli regime do you think?

Barrett: They are increasingly isolated. And voices inside Israel are admitting that Israel is isolated. But the Israelis, as a group, have brought this on themselves. All of the polls have showed massive support by Jewish Israelis for the attacks on Gaza that have alienated the entire world – just as the entire world has always accepted the consensus position of UN resolutions that Israel must withdraw from all territories illegally occupied after the war of aggression in 1967. So the world is coming to realize that the vast majority of the human rights violations in the conflict in occupied Palestine are being committed by the Israelis. So they have backed themselves into a corner and it is not clear how they are going to get out.



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